FIRST100 & FIRST10 Limited Editions

Posted on July 23rd, 2021 by Mathmos

For a while now we have been numbering the FIRST100 products made with a unique number. Then on release day, the FIRST100 Mathmos enthusiasts can buy one of these collector’s pieces. We do this because we know we have collectors and enthusiasts who love to collect our products. We do not charge more for them even though it costs us quite a bit more to do as it is our gift to our most engaged customers.

We try to be as fair as possible putting half in our German warehouse for EU distribution and half in the UK. We keep a small number back for our archive and customer competitions, however, inevitably there is disappointment as there simply aren’t enough to go around.

In our Astro Vinyl launch recently the FIRST100 allocation sold out instantly and caused our German website to crash. There were many disappointed people many of whom voiced their frustration on our social channels causing us to have a good think about this at Mathmos. We thought it a shame that a product that was so popular it sold way over our expectations should be attracting negative comments.

This autumn we have several new products to launch and we are going to continue with the FIRST100 concept on a first-come, first-served basis for now and keep it under review. We have several new metal finishes in our current models, these new metal finishes may stay in the range, they may not. We are also launching one, possibly two new models. Unless you have very deep pockets you couldn’t buy them all.

We have decided for now that new metal colourways in current models will be treated differently to completely new Mathmos lava lamp models. Completely new models will have an etch, print or badge on the product itself. We will let you know on social and email in advance when they will be launched and email again when they are ready to buy. New metal colourways in current classic Mathmos models will come with a FIRST100 sticker on the box and a numbered holographic certificate. We will not let you know in advance about the launch of these by email just on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will email when they are available to buy.

We will post on the websites when the FIRST100 are sold out but whilst we will do our best there may be a delay between them selling out and us updating the sites, expect them to go very quickly. We have also taken steps to minimise the possibility of our websites crashing during future product releases.

We ask for your patience on launch day as it can take some time to allocate and double-check the FIRST100 orders. If you would like to know whether you have secured a FIRST100 please send an email with your order number and we will respond once the allocation process is completed. Persistent phone calls can slow down the process.

Lastly, We urge you to just buy the products you love, if you get a FIRST100 great but please don’t be disappointed if you don’t, you will still be one of the first to have a new variation of Mathmos’ classic lava lamps.