Inspired by Lava

Posted on June 7th, 2019 by Mathmos

Fashion, Tech & Craft are all inspired by lava right now;

lava lamps inspired wallpaper for Apple IOS

The new Apple iOS 13 update features new wallpapers that are inspired by lava bubbles in 4 different colour variations.

lava lamp inspired trainers from Nike

Nike’s react presto ‘Psychedelic Lava’ trainers launched this month and are inspired by the trippy flow of lava lamps, with the orange parts referencing the heat source. Other nods to lava include the popular Nike lava leggings.

Lava lamp inspired artwork by Anthea Hamilton

The Volcano table by Anthea Hamilton featured during London Craft Week. This lava inspired table is made from blown glass and limestone tiles and can be found pride of place in the Lowe store in New Bond Street, London.