Mathmos Lava Lamp Wall

Posted on September 24th, 2019 by Mathmos

Mathmos lava lamp walls are an effective way to make an impact in a public space like this one, featured in Jimmy’s music venue and bar in Liverpool, using the Neo wall – available in silver, copper or white.

We custom sprayed these 50 x Neo walls in a matt black paint to match the brand’s colour scheme. You can also use the wires of the lamps as part of the display to make shapes, using Neo wall bosses, or you can hide them behind a stud wall.

The Neo wall mounted lava lamps are easy to assemble, are low voltage and make a big statement when used in multiples. We offer 15 different colour combinations to suit every location and you can take advantage of 20% off when you purchase more than one available on our website.

“We’ve included a little nod to the psychedelic 60s era with 50 Lava Lamps that have all been created especially for Jimmy’s Liverpool by the world renowned Mathmos Lava Lamps of Poole.”