Original 1960s lava lamp: Astro Baby in Copper

Posted on September 30th, 2021 by Mathmos

Astro Baby is one of the two original 1960s lava lamp designs by the inventor of lava lamps and Mathmos founder Edward Craven Walker. His other design is the Astro. Both models were originally sold in this lovely copper anodised finish which has not been available in the Astro Baby since the 1980s.

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Originally called the Astro Mini we changed the name to Astro Baby in the 1990s. These are marketing images from the 1960s, we sourced the original Welware melamine crockery to recreate the photo.

mathmos astrobaby copper lava lamp

Edward Craven Walker with his wife and business partner Christine in Dorset in the 1960s. Christine kindly signed 4 postcards for lucky winners at our re-launch. An aerial photo of the Poole lava lamp factory in the 1970s. Astro Baby lava lamp has been in continuous production in Poole since its launch in 1964.

During the 1990s we developed a cartoon character the Astro Baby, seen here on postcards and Christmas cards.