Mathmos Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Bold Colour with Limited Edition Astro Lava Lamp by Designer Camille Walala

Posted on October 26th, 2023 by Mathmos

Artist Camille Walala posing with her collaboration Astro in her London studio

Iconic British brand and inventor of the lava lamp, Mathmos, has announced a limited edition collaboration of its design classic Astro lava lamp with multi-disciplinary designer Camille Walala, known for her explosively colourful creations.

Mathmos was founded in 1963 by British inventor, entrepreneur and eccentric Edward Craven Walker. The Astro lava lamp was then launched in 1963 and has been in continuous British production ever since. It is widely recognised as a pop design classic and features in several museum collections.

Mathmos X Camille Walala Astro lava lamp details and box

In celebration of Mathmos’ 60th anniversary, Camille Walala has introduced her bold and colourful approach to design into Mathmos’ classic Astro lava lamp. She has chosen bestselling colourways violet and red for the lava, and matt black for the base and cap, with a black and white lead. Bold, etched lines into the black aluminium add a monochrome pattern to the classic form with the Walala logo on top of the cap.

“Putting Things in Perspective” is the new study and direction from Walala Studio. Camille Walala has been reflecting and observing geometries in some of her favourite architectural marvels from architects like Legoretta, Luis Barragan, Ricardo Bofill, Freddi Mamani, Richard England and Mario Botta, in order to evolve the already established and well-known aesthetic the studio is known for. Over the last few years Walala has been developing a lexicon of shapes that contribute to this new evolved style of design. The selection is meticulous and allows Walala to create bold, streamlined, and confident compositions that take inspiration from one of her favourite forms of expression.

Camille Walala etched Astro images taken in Camille's design studio in London

Camille Walala’s box design reflects her unique style of bold colours framed by black that is seen here in her London studio. The Camille Walala limited edition of 600 lava lamps includes a numbered sticker under the base.

“Working with Mathmos to bring this unique design to life has been such fun, and the movement of colour through the lava made this a really unique challenge for us. I love the colours of our final Astro lamp and the way they interact with the framed black base and cap – a joyful take on an iconic piece of design history” Camille Walala.

“Camille has a unique way of experiencing colour, and it’s been a pleasure to see her vision take shape in her designs for the Astro lava lamp. She really shares Mathmos’ passion for creativity and bringing the joy of colour to everything she does.Cressida Granger, Mathmos.

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Known for her ambitious, large-scale and explosively colourful interventions in public spaces, Camille Walala uses the man-made landscape as a platform for disseminating positivity. Her work encompasses full-façade murals, immersive 3D installations, street art, interiors and set design –characterised by a fusion of bold colours and playful geometric patterns. Since her‘ Dream Come True Building’ burst onto the Shoreditch streetscape in 2015 and thrust her into the spotlight, Camille and her creative producer, Julia Jomaa, have been engaged in an increasingly bold roster of international projects.These have included collaborations with leading global brands – such as LEGO, for whom she created the HOUSE OF DOTS; the creative direction of the ground-breaking Mauritian hotel SALT of Palmar; and a slew of major installations for events like NYC’s WantedDesign and London Design Festival – including Walala Lounge, as complete suite of semi-permanent street furniture that transformed South Molton Street, Mayfair, into a corridor of colour. Camille finds inspiration in community and collaboration, and the power or colour and pattern to transform atmospheres, elevate moods and spark positivity.


Mathmos was established in 1963 by the inventor of lava lamps Edward Craven Walker. Mathmos have been manufacturing their premium range of lava lamps in Britain ever since. Mathmos ship their lava lamps fresh from their factory in Poole, Dorset directly to customers all over Europe from their 10 European websites, see