Oct 2017: Neo Wall Lava Lamp – The only lava lamp for walls

Posted on October 12th, 2017 by Mathmos

Mathmos, inventors of the lava lamp, have in collaboration with Jonathan Coles Studio developed a stylish wall mounted lava lamp. Neo wall is intended for both home use and in multiples in public spaces; from bars to yoga studios.

Neo wall is made of precision cast metal and is available in silver, copper or white. It is hand filled in Mathmos’ Dorset factory with a unique long-lasting formulation; 5 colour combinations are available.

Neo wall is safe and secure in all environments and for all ages; low voltage and powered by a halogen capsule so running cooler than other lava lamps. The bottle cannot be moved from the product nor the bulb accessed.

It is straightforward to put up; screw the backplate to the wall and then slot on the body of the lamp. Use the Allen key provided to fix the bottle to the body with just one fixing point. The lead is exposed on the wall and a fixing point for the cable is provided.

Neo Wall is available from Mathmos’ International websites at £95. See here for further information.

About Mathmos:

The Mathmos story began with the invention of the lava lamp by company founder and eccentric inventor Edward Craven-Walker in1963. Mathmos lava lamps have become symbols of 1960s Britain and millions have been sold worldwide over their long history. They have been in continuous British production for 54 years. See the movie here; http://www.mathmos.com/lava-lamps-uk-6494-0.html

Today Mathmos sells directly from its factory to consumers all over Europe through its website www.mathmos.com. Mathmos is a Gold Star Trusted Merchant online with the highest standards of product quality and customer service.

Press Enquiries:

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