Astro lava lamp bulbs 10 Pack: 35w screw fit


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Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp Bulb SES 35W x10
Astro lava lamp bulbs 10 Pack: 35w screw fit
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Spare or replacement pack of SES screw fit halogen bulbs for Astro lava lamps. Please check the lamp base to see what fitting you have. Mathmos bulbs produce the perfect heat and light to power the unique Mathmos flow and are specially developed for use in our lava lamps.

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Specifications & Instructions

Light: 35W Halogen reflector bulb - SES E14 240V 38°
Notice: This bulb is primarily used as a heat source. For Mathmos lava lamps only. Not for household room illumination.
Colour temp2700K
Flood angle38°
Energy Label G
  1. Handle the bulb with great care; halogen bulbs are extremely delicate.
  2. Allow the bulb to warm to room temperature.
  3. Made sure your lava lamp is in the correct position.
  4. Use a tissue to hold the bulb; deposits on our fingers can damage the bulb.GU10 bulbs: Carefully push the two prongs of the bulb down into the socket and turn it a quarter-turn clockwise until it stops rotating.
    SES bulbs: Carefully screw the bulb in and rotate clockwise for three turns or until it meets resistance.
  5. Place the bottle on the base delicately.
  6. Turn the lamp on using the inline switch.
  1. Never touch the bulb or the lamp when it is on.
  2. Allow the light to cool for one hour before touching the bulb or lamp.
  3. Do not run your lava lamp for more than 6 hours at any one time.
  4. Always leave the bottle sitting on the base when you turn it on.

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