Saturn Giant Lava Lamp

Posted on November 25th, 2021 by Mathmos

In late Autumn 2021, the highly anticipated Saturn giant lava lamp joined the Mathmos range. Saturn is the biggest production line lava lamp ever made, towering at 5ft (1.5m) high and working right out of the box. No special on-site filling or assembly is required.

We challenged ourselves to fill constant requests for a massive lava lamp. This giant lava lamp is a stunning statement piece proudly hand-made in Britain to the highest possible quality standards. The bottle is produced from ultra-clear borosilicate glass. The metalwork is spun and laser-cut aluminium polished by hand by skilled British craftsmen.

We worked for years to design and develop the Saturn formula to ensure that it can travel, warm up in around 3 hours and give a 6-hour display of the unique Mathmos lava movement. The Saturn design was developed at Mathmos HQ in Dorset and is rooted in our 1960s lava lamp design, The Princess. This enormous lava lamp was designed with public spaces in mind. Therefore, the three legs have optional floor fixing points for added safety.

The FIRST10 Mathmos Saturn lava lamps were released with a unique number etched into the leg. They were quickly snapped up by collectors, with number 1 remaining in the Mathmos archive. The rest of the first batch followed suit selling out within days. Each gigantic lava lamp is hand filled to order and comes with a dated instruction book.