Special Lava Lamp Fills

Posted on May 20th, 2021 by Mathmos

When we are less frantic during spring and summer, we ask you to choose colour combinations for special lava lamp fills not usually in our range. Then we offer the colourway for sale for just one day only.

Mathmos lava lamp special lava fills

Astro Special Fill: April

You chose blue & orange for the special fill, a colour that goes well with all the metal finishes available in the Astro; polished aluminium, black and copper anodised. Astro is the first lava lamp design by our founder and inventor of lava lamps Edward Craven Walker.

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Mathmos clear white lava lamp special fill

Telstar and Astro Baby Special Fill: May

For May’s special fill we asked you to choose a colour to relax to. One that would clear your mind of worries as you gaze at the slow movement of the lava. The clear winner was clear white.

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