Change of Allocation Method

Mathmos numbers the first 100 of a new product with a unique number. We don’t charge more; they are limited edition pieces for 100 of our most ardent customers. Following customer feedback, we are changing how we allocate these to make it as fair as possible.

Next time it will not be the first 100 people to order. Instead, it will be a lottery, and every person who buys before midnight UK time on launch day will enter the lottery. We will use a generator to randomly pick 100 orders and notify all who have been awarded a FIRST100 by noon the next day. Everyone else will still receive a beautiful new product from the first production run. You can buy more than one but will only receive a maximum of one FIRST100 per customer.

In addition to our regular quality inspections, we are individually inspecting every FIRST100 before it leaves the factory for extra quality assurance. Please remember that if you decide to return a FIRST100 for any reason, we cannot supply you with a different numbered product as they are all unique. We can, of course, give you a non-numbered replacement or a full refund.