Evo Candle lava lamp



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Evo is the largest in our unique range of candle-powered lava lamps. It works with regular tea lights, and we include three in the gift box. Evo has no wires and can be placed anywhere in the home. Evo is made of clear cast glass and chromed cast metal.
Mathmos Evo Candle Lava Lamp

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Height: 42 cm (16.54 in)
Width: 11 cm (4.33 in)
Weight: 2.00 kg


Bottles: Glass, Made in Britain
Base/Cap: Clear cast glass and chromed cast metal
Lava: Mathmos special formula, Poole
Light: Standard tea light (3 included)


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  • Can I use any Astro baby or Telstar bottles with Evo?

    No, only use bottles bought within the last two years. Older bottles may sit too near the candle.

  • How long should I wait before using Evo?

    Please wait 24 hours before using Evo. The bottle needs to warm to room temperature before use. A sudden temperature change could cause the bottle to crack.

  • How long will the bottle take to flow?

    The bottle will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to flow depending on ambient conditions.

  • Which tealights should I use with my Evo?

    Tealights differ in flame height, heating power and wick length. The larger tealights with a height of 15 mm work best. If you have a lower tea light you could try and raise its height by placing a coin under the tea light.

  • What bottles are compatible with the Evo?

    Only use Telstar or Baby bottles bought from Mathmos in the last two years. Neo bottles have a plastic coating that will melt, and older Telstar and Baby bottles may sit too near the candle.

  • Will candle powered lava lamps work outside?

    Yes, but like any unprotected candle, you need a place with no wind.

  • Can I use a Neo Bottle on the Evo?

    No, these bottles are not suitable for use with this product.

  • Is the Evo portable?

    It can be positioned anywhere however, keep away from flammable objects and do not move when lit.

  • Can I use other candles in the product?

    No, it has only been designed for use with a tealight.

  • Can I use scented candle products?

    We would not recommend these types of candles for this product.

  • Why can I see bubbles and small scuff marks in my glass base?

    These are hand pressed from molten glass, so each piece is unique. This is a natural and unavoidable part of the manufacturing process.

  • How long should the wick of the tea light be before use?

    Please trim the wick of the tea light to 0.5cm and point it upwards before lighting.

    Long wicks can occasionally cause flaring of the flame that could affect the bottle.

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Recondition Your Lava Lamp

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Mathmos Lava Lamp Formula

All Mathmos lava lamp bottles are hand filled in the Mathmos UK factory. Our unique lava lamp formula has brighter, clearer liquids that last longer than other lava lamps.

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