Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges


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Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges
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A pair of limited edition Mathmos lava lamp pin badges of our classic Astro and Astro Baby designs. A strictly limited edition of 2000 numbered pairs of badges with their edition number embossed on the back. The enamelled metal badges are produced by the heritage British company.

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Height: 39mm x 35mm (90mm x 58mm)
Weight: 11g (24g)


Bottles: Enamelled metal with polished and numbered back
Metal: Butterfly clasp

Made in Britain

We are proud that our astro and astro baby lava lamps have been in continuous British production to the highest quality standards since 1963.

Recondition your lava lamp

Hand filled lava lamp bottles and bespoke halogen bulbs for the astro and astro baby are available for lava lamps made from 1963 to date; take advantage of the 30% spares discount when you buy a lamp.

Mathmos Lava Lamp Formula

Astro & Astro Baby bottles are hand filled in the Mathmos UK factory Mathmos unique lava lamp formula has brighter, clearer liquids, that last longer than other lava lamps.

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