Mathmos X Sabine Marcelis

Posted on November 1st, 2023 by Mathmos

Designer Sabine Marcelis posing with her limited edition lava lamp

In 2023, Mathmos commemorated its 60th anniversary by handpicking five designers from the domains of design, photography and music to curate a unique series of limited-edition Astro lava lamps. Notably, Sabine Marcelis joined the roster of designers as the second collaborator to create a bespoke lava lamp for Mathmos, adding her distinctive touch to the celebrated lineage of the Astro.

“It’s maybe even the first design I witnessed that wasn’t purely functional; a lamp, but also an art piece.”Sabine Marcelis in reference to lava lamps.

Sabine Marcelis limited edition lava lamp for Mathmos displayed on a glass table with light reflecting off it


Mathmos collaborated with innovative Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, known for her sleek and minimalist approach to design. Studio Sabine Marcelis is based in Rotterdam and combines elements of architecture, materiality, and light to create stunning pieces that redefine spatial experiences. Her work often explores the interplay between light and form, resulting in designs that are both functional and visually striking.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to craftsmanship, Sabine Marcelis brings her unique perspective to the Mathmos collaboration, pushing the boundaries of traditional lighting design to create a contemporary and captivating interpretation of the classic Astro lava lamp.

Mathmos X Sabine Marcelis

The Mathmos X Sabine Marcelis lava lamp in the light and dark

Minimalist Lava Lamp by Sabine Marcelis for Mathmos

Sabine Marcelis simplified the Astro lamp to its essence, opting for a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Using primarily matte white, Sabine refreshed the product’s look. The metal base and caps were hand-spun and painted in a matte white finish, while the bottle had a frosted coating to create a soft, blurred effect on the yellow lava inside.

The packaging followed suit with an all-white matte box featuring spot-varnished details. A white fabric cable with a translucent switch and plug completed the design, maintaining the minimalist theme. Notably, there was no visible branding except for a bespoke white limited-edition sticker underneath, indicating the strictly limited 600 editions. Marcelis’ interpretation of the classic Astro lamp resulted in a serene and elegant piece that is a stunning collectors piece.

frosted lava lamp bottle with yellow wax

“I’ve always been fascinated by lava lamps and their magical dance. With this version I wanted to strip the housing of as much identity as possible by turning it into a blank white canvas – no logo, no gloss finish to reflect its surroundings – just a vessel to house the magic within. All white when turned off and only once turned on does colour appear in the object.” – Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis Work

Sabine Marcelis’s portfolio is a testament to her versatility and ingenuity across various design realms. Renowned for her multidisciplinary approach, Marcelis has left a mark with projects like her ground-breaking concept car for Renault, where she reimagined automotive design through a lens of sleek minimalism and innovative material use. Her collaboration with IKEA resulted in a sell-out collection that seamlessly blended functionality with contemporary aesthetics, offering accessible and stylish solutions for modern living spaces. Marcelis exhibited her installation “Colour Rush!” at the Vitra Design Museum, displaying her mastery of light, colour, and space, to captivate audiences with immersive experiences that challenge conventional perceptions.

Concept car by Sabine Marcelis for the Renault Twingo 30th anniversary

Sabine’s work has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions globally, including the Tate Modern and the Guggenheim and her creative prowess has earned her prestigious accolades, including being named Elle Decoration (2019) and Wallpaper* Magazines’ Designer of the Year (2020), solidifying her status as a visionary force in the world of design.

“We were all thrilled when we learned that Sabine loves our lamps, and it has been such a pleasure to see her vision come to life in our iconic Astro lava lamp. Her design exudes purity and calm.”Cressida Granger, Mathmos MD.

Studio Sabine Marcelis collection for Ikea and table design

Mathmos collaboration lava lamps

Mathmos is proudly British and European, so collaborators from the UK and continental Europe were carefully chosen. Each collaboration dropped weekly, priced at £130 / 150€ and was strictly limited to 600 pieces, each piece uniquely numbered. The limited-edition Astro lava lamps were exclusively available from Mathmos International websites.

60th Anniversary Competitions

The Sabine Marcelis collaboration Astro was extremely popular with buyers across the UK and Europe selling out all 600 pieces in a matter of hours. Mathmos kept back a small number for archive and to gift as competition prizes. Mathmos mailing list subscribers were entered into an exclusive draw for one lucky person to win number 60 of this sold-out edition, whilst Sabine Marcelis hosted an exclusive Instagram giveaway for her followers to win number 100.

limited edition run of 600 Sabine Marcelis lava lamps


The Mathmos X Sabine Marcelis collaboration has received considerable press attention, notably being featured in design-focused platforms including Dezeen, Architectural Design and Wallpaper* Magazine. The collaboration has impressed audiences with its seamless integration of Mathmos’ expertise in lighting and Sabine’s distinct design, earning praise for its elegant yet modern approach.

“Her lava lamp successfully merges her unique sensibility for colour, light and visual effects with the original design’s ultra-recognisable features.” Wallpaper* Magazine