Mathmos X Rankin

Posted on November 11th, 2023 by Mathmos

Photographer Rankin posing with his collaboration Astro lava lamp for Mathmos

Mathmos partnered with acclaimed British photographer and creative Rankin to create an exclusive limited-edition Astro lava lamp. Selected from design, photography, and music, five renowned creators were handpicked for this collaboration, who would each bring something fresh and unique to the collection. Rankin was the fourth collaboration in the 60th-anniversary collection.

Mathmos X Rankin limited edition blue vinyl Astro

Mathmos X Rankin

Rankin, the influential photographer known for his bold and imaginative visual style, teamed up with Mathmos for a special collaboration. Renowned for capturing the essence of his subjects with striking clarity and creativity, Rankin brings his unique artistic vision to the partnership.
Based in London, Rankin’s studio is a hub of innovation and with his work being widely published globally. He continually pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling, and his distinctive style captures the essence of his subjects with depth and emotion. Rankin is a regular photographer and guest judge on Germany’s Next Top Model, which has earned him a big following in Germany. Rankin has crossed creative paths with Mathmos before previously shooting a series of iconic images with Mathmos lamps in 2000 for alternative style and culture magazine Dazed & Confused.
Rankin limited edition Astro in the dark

“Mathmos lava lamps are a piece of design history, and it’s been great to reinterpret my work with them from the 00’s into this fresh design to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Mathmos and the Astro lava lamp. I’ve used my favourite colours and really enjoyed the whole process of designing and then shooting the lamp.”  – Rankin 

Mathmos X Rankin

“Let There Be Light!” a bespoke Astro by Rankin

Rankin unleashed his signature touch on the iconic Astro lava lamp, infusing it with his distinctive flair and creativity. He customised the fan favourite Vinyl Astro lava lamp with a stunning blue finish. Each Astro is handmade in Britain, with the vinyl-inspired lines expertly hand-spun and completed with a music-inspired black-and-white fabric lead.
Rankin’s 60th Anniversary limited edition Astro incorporated his favourite colours of blue with aquamarine lava in a custom mix. Rankin’s name was etched into the front of the cap, with the words “LET THERE BE LIGHT” on top of the metal cap in a playful nod to his photography. Rankin photographed the interior of his lava lamp to produce a signature product carton exclusive to this lamp.
Astro vinyl blue lava lamp with custom Rankin box
Rankin lava lamp custom colour blue and aquamarine
Shot by Rankin

RANKIN Creative

Rankin has a diverse portfolio encompassing fashion, art, and celebrity photography, celebrated for its boldness and creativity. Under the banner of RANKIN Creative, he is recognized for pioneering work at the forefront of culture and setting trends. Noteworthy collaborations include groundbreaking campaigns for esteemed brands such as Unilever, L’Oreal, and Samsonite and directing music videos for prominent artists like Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, and Kelis.
Artwork and photography by Rankin

Throughout his illustrious portraiture photography and documentary career, Rankin has collaborated with numerous iconic brands, celebrities, and publications, leaving an indelible mark on art and fashion. Rankin became known for his portraiture of bands, artists, supermodels and politicians. He has shot The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kate Moss, Madonna and even The Queen of England. However, his plethora of campaigns and projects featuring ‘real women’ and creating wide-reaching projects for charities, including Women’s Aid and Macmillan, marked him out as a genuinely passionate portrait photographer.


The Mathmos x Rankin limited edition 60th Anniversary Astro lava lamp is the second time Rankin has collaborated with Mathmos, with Rankin shooting a series of iconic images with Mathmos lamps in 2000 for alternative style and culture magazine Dazed & Confused.

Mathmos AstroBaby lava lamp shot by Rankin for Dazed Magazine

Mathmos collaboration lava lamps

Mathmos is proudly British and European, so collaborators from the UK and continental Europe were carefully chosen. Each collaboration dropped weekly, priced at £130 / 150€ and was strictly limited to 600 pieces, each piece uniquely numbered. The limited-edition Astro lava lamps were exclusively available from Mathmos International websites.

Rankin limited edition Astro details of the run of 600

60th Anniversary Competitions

Rankin’s exclusive collaboration was popular with Mathmos collectors and Rankin’s fanbase, both of which largely stem across UK and Europe. Mathmos kept back a small number for archive and to gift as competition prizes. Mathmos mailing list subscribers were entered into an exclusive draw for one lucky person to win number 60 of this sold-out edition, whilst Rankin Creative offered their mailing list subscribers an exclusive giveaway of exclusive numbers reserved for Rankin’s Team.

Rankin Limited Edition Astro Details zur Auflage von 600 Stück


The Mathmos X Rankin 60th anniversary lava lamp collaboration has garnered widespread attention from the press, with notable features in publications such as The Observer and Dezeen. This unique partnership between Mathmos and renowned photographer Rankin has captivated audiences worldwide, blending the artistic vision of two creative worlds.

Rankin's collaboration Astro featured in several press outlets with Features in Architectural Design, The Guaradian's Observer Magazine and Dezeen