Mathmos X Duran Duran

Posted on November 10th, 2023 by Mathmos

Duran Duran pose with their limited edition lava lamps on tour
Photography by Stephanie Pistel

Mathmos X Duran Duran

Mathmos teamed up with the iconic British pop band Duran Duran to create an exclusive limited edition to the 60th-anniversary Astro collection. This collaboration marked the third in the series, following previous partnerships with renowned designers. Both Mathmos and Duran Duran take their names from the cult 1960s film Barbarella. The Duran Duran lava lamp was only available to buy through the Mathmos website and became a standout favourite.

Metallic Lava Lamp by Duran Duran for Mathmos

Duran Duran’s limited-edition Astro features a sleek silver metallic coating, individually hand sprayed onto the bottles which conceals the lava when not in use. When switched on, the pink lava inside shines through the metallised glass, creating a captivating display. Each base is hand spun in Britain and the caps adorned with the signatures of each of the four band members, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. One of Duran Duran’s early logos is etched into the polished Astro base.

In a nod to the band’s musical heritage, Duran Duran opted for a black and white dog’s tooth lead, commonly used for connecting guitars to amplifiers. This choice is accompanied by a beautiful custom product box exclusive to this collaboration, featuring the bands retro logo and images of the band in matching bright pink.

“Working with one of the all-time greatest rock bands has been a unique experience for Mathmos, and we have loved the process. From our shared love of sci-fi to a mutual passion for creativity, we have worked to create a really special lamp that evokes the fun energy that the band brings to everything that they do.” – Cressida Granger, Mathmos MD.

Mathmos X Duran Duran

“There is something magical about the lava lamp, hence it has endured through many generations of modern design to become widely acknowledged as a genuine classic. During the late nineties we were making a Duran Duran album in our London studio, where several lava lamps enhanced the ambience. For this particular project we were focusing our lyrical themes on pop culture, and were actually inspired to write a song entitled ‘Lava Lamp’! – Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran co-founder and keyboardist

Duran Duran Work

Duran Duran’s extensive discography boasts numerous hit singles and critically acclaimed albums, including classics like “Rio,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” and “Ordinary World.” Duran Duran even featured a track called ‘Lava Lamp’ on their Pop Trash album.

Mathmos collaboration lava lamps

Mathmos is proudly British and European, so collaborators from the UK and continental Europe were carefully chosen. Each collaboration dropped weekly, priced at £130 / 150€ and was strictly limited to 600 pieces, each piece uniquely numbered. The limited-edition Astro lava lamps were exclusively available from Mathmos International websites.

60th Anniversary Competitions

Duran Duran’s collaboration Astro was an absolute sensation among Mathmos collectors and the bands followers, fondly called ‘Duranies’. With both passionate fanbases securing the lava lamps this special edition flew off the shelves so fast that they had to be limited to one per person to allow more fans the chance to secure one. All 600 pieces were snatched up within hours across the UK and Europe, being the fastest selling 60th collaboration lamp and later, eager collectors were bidding for editions fetching up to £800+ on eBay.

Mathmos held back a select few for archival purposes and special giveaways. Subscribers to the Mathmos mailing list had the exclusive chance to win number 60 of this sold-out edition, while Duran Duran enthusiasts were treated to a giveaway hosted by the band’s newsletter, offering up reserved numbers 400 and 500 for two lucky winners.

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran getting ready on tour with his Duran Duran lava lamp


Duran Duran’s collaboration with Mathmos garnered media coverage across Europe and notably earning an exclusive feature in The Financial Times with an interview with Duran Duran on tour in America.

Press coverage for the Duran Duran lava lamp