Astro Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamp



Platinum Vinyl

Our inspiration for this classic 1963 Astro lava lamp range came from platinum vinyl record awards. It is also fun to launch the range when Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her platinum jubilee. The Astro Vinyl range is presented with a unique box design and features a woven sawtooth black and white lead similar to ones found on music equipment. The metal is spun by hand, and the grooves are then etched into it by skilled British craftsmen. It is finished with a gloss silver anodised finish.
Mathmos Astro Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamp
Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp

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Height: 43 cm (16.92 in)
Width: 14 cm (5.51 in)
Weight: 2.95 kg


Bottles: Glass, Made in Britain
Metal: Aluminium base, hand spun in the UK
Lava: Mathmos special formula, Poole
Light: 35W halogen reflector bulb, GU10 240V
Lifespan: 2000hrs
Colour temp: 2700K
Flood angle: 36°
Lumens: 173lm
kW/h: 0.035


Bulb Care & Handling

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Made in Britain

We are proud that our astro and astro baby lava lamps have been in continuous British production to the highest quality standards since 1963.

Recondition your lava lamp

Hand filled lava lamp bottles and bespoke halogen bulbs for the astro and astro baby are available for lava lamps made from 1963 to date; take advantage of the 30% spares discount when you buy a lamp.

Mathmos Lava Lamp Formula

Astro & Astro Baby bottles are hand filled in the Mathmos UK factory Mathmos unique lava lamp formula has brighter, clearer liquids, that last longer than other lava lamps.

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