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Posted on January 18th, 2019 by Mathmos

mathmos lava lamps - Recondition, reuse, repair

Mathmos Lava Lamps are for Life – Not just for Christmas

We make our iconic lava lamps to last – not for landfill. Recondition them with spares, refresh them with new bottles. Then sit back and enjoy … and remember in the unlikely event that you do tire of your Mathmos lava lamp there is always a healthy demand for our collectible lava lamps. Click here to buy spares.

mathmos lava lamps - bulbs

Recondition with New Bulbs

If you are lucky enough to have a 1960s original we now have bayonete bulbs to fit. If you are reconditioning a 1990s lamp, we stock the SES fitting you are looking for. If you are replacing a more recently bought lamp we have bespoke Mathmos bulbs that produce just the right amount of heat and light you need.

Buy a few and take advantage of the 30% discount. Click here to buy bulbs.

mathmos lava lamps bottles

Refresh with New Bottles

Fancy a change; buy as new colourway and change the look and feel of your lamp. Mathmos lava lamp bottles last longer and run clearer than others but they do degrade over time. A new bottle will rejuvenate your Mathmos original. Click here to buy bottles.

Mathmos supports the proposed “Right To Repair” rules

“The new rules will benefit the environment and save resources.”
Libby Peake from the think tank Green Alliance told BBC News.

mathmos lava lamps - right to repair