Glamorous Lava Lamp Interior

Posted on June 6th, 2023 by Mathmos

Big lava lamp displayed at WOW!House, London.

Mathmos was delighted that its giant Saturn lava lamp was selected to feature in the unique Principal Bathroom created by Barlow & Barlow at WOW!House 2023 at London’s Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.

Barlow & Barlow are a Brother and Sister design duo who work alongside Joshua Sear, a skilled Architect and Lucy’s husband.

Showcasing Barlow & Barlow’s fun and glamorous signature style, the bathroom embraced a conceptual 1975 spaceship theme. The statuesque Saturn giant lava lamp added glamour to this rocket ship’s bathroom and, paired with Drummonds Bathroom, created a stunning retro futuristic-themed space.

Designer duo Barlow and Barlow for WOW!house 2023.

Giant lava lamp installations

The Mathmos Saturn is the biggest production line lava lamp available. Standing proud at 5ft high, the Saturn is a showstopper. Mathmos filled a custom lava lamp bottle for the WOW!House exhibit in a clear liquid and black lava mix selected by the designers to compliment the concept bathroom perfectly.

Saturn is made entirely in the UK using high-quality ultra-clear borosilicate glass to see the unique lava lamp formula in the most transparent form with the largest viewing space.

Saturn’s three legs have optional floor fixing points as we designed Saturn to be used safely in public spaces. The deep base has a silicone lining to ensure the bottle is held securely, and the lead can be easily attached to the holes in a leg if needed for additional safety.

Mathmos big lava lamp

If you’re considering a feature lava lamp for an event or your home, then the Mathmos Saturn giant lava lamp looks fantastic out of the box, or alternatively, you can build around the base and cap to adapt and customise it to suit the environment.

Saturn lava lamps are filled to order; choose from 10 colour combinations. It will arrive at your door within two weeks of your order via two boxes through the usual courier system.