Vintage Lava Lamps

Posted on February 4th, 2023 by Mathmos

Credit: A Married Couple

Vintage Lava Lamps in 1960s and 70s Interiors

Mathmos has produced the highest-quality lava lamps since 1963, and as a result of this long history we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mathmos Astro lava lamps pop up in all sorts of wonderful locations ever since. Two of our retro lava lamps are pictured here in the retro locations of 70s House Manchester and The Hippie Shake office. Did you know that items that are at least 40 years old can be considered vintage? Meaning our original lava lamp models Astro and Astro Baby can claim their vintage titles.

Retro lava lamps in offices

Add vintage touches to your own home with a Mathmos Astro lava lamp; with 45 combinations to choose from, there is something to suit every space.

Retro orange lava lamp on a styled photoshoot for Mathmos

Mathmos Lava Lamps and the 70s House Manchester

If you’re not already on our social channels, make sure you change that by following Mathmos as we often host numerous giveaways exclusive to the Mathmos social pages. We recently collaborated with 70s House Manchester to offer participants a chance to win a Mathmos Astro lava lamp with a signed copy of Estelle Bilson’s new book, 70s House. This fun read offers tips on how to introduce vintage interiors into your space using Mathmos lava lamps, bold prints and warm colours.

70s House Manchester vintage lava lamp
Mathmos Orange Rocket lava lamp in blue and yellow

Retro Lava Lamps in the 1990s

During the 90s Mathmos lava lamp popularity hit an all-time high with the Mathmos Telstar retro rocket lavalamps being a staple of nineties bedrooms and parties. Retro is considered anything that is at least 20 years old but not yet 40 years old, meaning our iconic Telstar rocket lava lamps have now achieved retro status.

Other nineties Mathmos models like the Lunar and Jet lava lamps have since been discontinued and become sought after to add to vintage Mathmos collections. Telstar has stood the test of time and been in continuous production ever since it’s introduction. Bring some retro into your home with a Telstar lava lamp, available in 24 colourway combinations.

A model for Rokit vintage clothing London host a giveaway in collaboration with Mathmos lava lamps.

Mathmos Lava Lamps X Rokit Vintage Clothing

During April, we collaborated with Rokit Vintage clothing to give our social followers a chance to win a £100 vintage clothing voucher and a Mathmos Telstar lava lamp. With the 90s revival we’re now experiencing there’s never been a more perfect time to enjoy in retro décor and clothes.

Credit: FT How to spend it. Andrew Yee/Millicent Simon.

Snap some pictures of your Mathmos lava lamps and use #Mathmos to show us your collections, interior design spaces and uses for your Mathmos lava lamps. We may share our favourites on our social channels. Follow us to keep up to date with the latest Mathmos news and giveaways.

Credit: A Married Couple
Credit: FT How to spend it. Andrew Yee/Millicent Simon