Orange Lava Lamps

Posted on August 8th, 2023 by Mathmos

Orange rocket lava lamp

Mathmos Lava Lamps x Orange Amplifiers

Mathmos recently collaborated with the iconic British brand Orange Amplifiers. Both brands were founded in England in the psychedelic 60s and are still going strong; Orange Amplifiers has been making amplifiers for guitars since 1968, and Mathmos, our classic range of lava lamps, since 1963. Both companies boast rich British heritages, high-quality craftsmanship and highly engaged fanbases.

Mathmos giant lava lamp

Professional musicians across various genres use Orange Amplifiers, and Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Iron Maiden, among many others, use Orange products on stage.

Mathmos provided some of our iconic lava lamps to decorate the stage for an Orange event at Blackheart in London; an iO giant lava lamp and a Telstar orange in clear and black flowed on stage to set the scene for the bands.

Mathmos lava lamp competition with Orange Amps

Social Media Competition

Mathmos also teamed up with Orange Amplifiers to offer our social media followers the chance to win a Mathmos orange Telstar rocket lava lamp and a pair of Orange Crest II wireless headphones to two lucky winners. Two winners and two runners-up across the UK and Europe were lucky enough to secure prizes. Ensure you follow us on our social channels to participate in future giveaways.

Design of the Week

London Design Museum named the iconic Mathmos Astro lava lamp their #DesignOfTheWeek, and we are very honoured to be featured. The Mathmos Astro has been in continuous production since 1963 and remains a cultural icon today.

Mathmos original lava lamp the Astro

Orange Lava Lamps by Mathmos

Orange is a popular colour choice as it’s a very happy and warming colourway. Here are various Mathmos lava lamp designs that look stunning in Orange.
Colour psychology plays a significant role in our emotional responses to different hues. Orange is associated with warmth, energy, and creativity, evoking positivity and comfort. So, orange lava lamps can boost mood, stimulate the senses, and create a sense of cosiness.
Child safe lava lamps, original lava lamps and rocket lava lamps by Mathmos
Yellow lava lamps and orange lava lamps

Yellow/Orange Special Fill

Mathmos occasionally offers special lava lamp fills for out-of-range colourways for our engaged customers. We made yellow/orange lava lamp bottles in August for the Telstar, AstroBaby, and Evo candle lava lamp ranges. We encourage you to join our mailing list so you can take advantage of future Special Fills.